Leo: I will


Understanding your planets in Leo

Leo is the KING of the Zodiac

Sun: You ARE a King
Moon: You FEEL and RESPOND like a King
Ascendant: You ACT and LOOK like a King
Midheaven: To the PUBLIC you ARE a King
Mercury: You THINK and COMMUNICATE like a King
Venus: You initiate LOVE like a King
Mars: You DESIRE and REACT like a King
Jupiter: You are LUCKY when you live like a King
Saturn: You have ISSUES and LESSONS whenever you act like a King

Why I Love Leo

Leo was born into royalty & has the tenacity and bravery of a lion.

Leo, you are the Lion King.The head of the Zodiac’s Royal Family. Every part of you is to be admired, hell, even your hair has it’s own fan club. I don’t think you need more of an introduction, so let’s just start. You are ruled by the Sun, so you are the center of the Zodiac...

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The Royal Playlist

1. Rise by Katy Perry
2. Malibu by Miley Cyrus
3. Kiwi by Harry Styles
4. Animals by Maroon 5
5. Easier by 5 Seconds of Summer

The Leo Stats

5th sign of the Zodiac
Key Phrase: I Will
Birthdates: July 21 – August 20 (depending on the year)
Modality: Fixed
Element: Fire
Planet Ruler: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
House: 5th
Number vibration: 1
Tarot Card Association: Strength (Leo) & The Sun (Sun)
Crystals with Leo Energy: Aquamarine, Citrine, Idocrase, Kunzite, Ruby, Sulphur, Yellow Jasper, Gold, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, Eye Agate
Friends: Aries & Sagittarius (Grand Fire Trine)
Enemies: Taurus, Scorpio & Aquarius (Fixed Grand Cross)
Cares Most About: Loyalty
Leo Celebrities: Whitney Houston, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Radcliffe, Cara Delevingne, Mick Jagger, Mae West, Robert Di Niro, Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, Shawn Mendes, Tom Brady, Anna Kendrick, Mila Kunis

Leo is the ruler of the 5th house

You join in the action & then perfect it.

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