Scorpio: I desire


Understanding your Planets in Scorpio

Scorpio is the DETECTIVE of the Zodiac

Sun: You ARE a Detective
Moon: You FEEL and RESPOND like a Detective
Ascendant: You ACT and LOOK like a Detective
Midheaven: To the PUBLIC you ARE a Detective
Mercury: You THINK and COMMUNICATE like a Detective
Venus: You initiate LOVE like a Detective
Mars: You DESIRE and REACT like a Detective
Jupiter: You are LUCKY when you live like a Detective
Saturn: You have ISSUES and LESSONS whenever you act like a Detective

Why I Love Scorpio

The adventure. The intrigue. The mystery. The unconditional, mind-blowing love.

Hello Scorpio. Fancy seeing you here so early. You are, after all, the main event, and I’m only halfway through the Zodiac.

Before the rest of the signs get all angry at me for this—wait, never mind. Get angry, I don’t care. You all know it’s true. Everyone is interested in Scorpio. I have made hundreds of videos on each Zodiac sign, and the Scorpio descriptions are always the most viewed...

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The "Too Close" Playlist

1. I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith
2. Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails
3. Take Me to Church by Hozier
4. Lonely Boy by The Black Keys
5. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde

The Scorpio Stats

8th sign of the Zodiac
Key Phrase: I Desire
Birthdates: October 23 – November 21 (depending on the year)
Modality: Fixed
Element: Water
Planet Ruler: Pluto & Mars
Symbol: The Scorpion
House: 8th
Number vibration: 9
Tarot Card Association: Death (Scorpio), The Tower (Mars)
Crystals with Scorpio Energy: Malachite, Grossular Garnet, Violet Sapphire, Zircon, Aragonite, Red Coral, Black Tourmaline, Howlite, Lepidolite, Indigo Aura Quartz
Friends: Cancer & Pisces (Grand Water Trine)
Enemies:  Taurus, Leo & Aquarius (Fixed Grand Cross)
Cares Most About: The People They Let In
Scorpio Celebrities: Ryan Gosling, Drake, Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, Anne Hathaway, Hillary Clinton, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Sally Field, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Charles, Pablo Picasso, Whoopi Goldberg, PewDiePie, Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Michael Clifford, Jr, Lorde

Scorpio is the ruler of the 8th house

You feel other people's feelings & you connect to them.

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