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The Aries New Moon: Who You Are

By | Astrology, Daily Life, Moon Phases
Welcome to the real beginning of the Year. When the clock strikes Midnight on New Year's Eve we cheers and kiss.  We say, "I can't believe it's the New Year already!" But what we don't know is that the worst is yet to come. Capricorn is about work, lessons and power struggles--what you thought you wanted, could actually turn around and...
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Face Reading & Selfies

By | Astrology, Face Reading
I am not an expert on Chinese Face Reading, but I was able to take my love of selfies, astrology and pop-culture, and create this semi-helpful guide in showing you what your "best face" actually looks like to others. And if you're not interested in yourself, this can show you what your friends (and frenemies) are subconsciously conveying to the world on Instagram....
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Kaali: Asteroid of Empowerment

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Asteroid Name: Kaali Named After: The Hindu Goddess of Time and Empowerment Asteroid #: 4227 (type it in the additional asteroid section in Astro.com). If Pluto is the masculine, physical destruction and transformation, Kaali is the female, emotional/mental destruction, manipulation, and mind control. Pluto is obvious control, Kaali is psychological influence.  Kaali is one bad bitch. A woman that I've met with,...
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