Jupiter is known as the Planet of Luck, which is true, but also misleading. If you think that every time Jupiter comes around that you’re going to win the lottery, you are highly mistaken! Jupiter is foremost the Planet of Expansion, which can create fortunate or lucky situations, but expansion means that it can also do the opposite! Jupiter expands everything that it hits, thus highlighting all qualities–the shitty, the mundane and the fantastical.

For an example: Let’s say that you have a Jupiter conjunct Sun transit and you are a GREAT person. Like, there are just a ton of great things about you–you’re good to people, you keep your promises, and you also truly love animals (but don’t have more than you can properly take care of)–the Jupiter conjunct Sun transit is going to be wildly benefactory!

What if you’re like an awful person? Well, Jupiter just might let people know about that by expanding your flaws wildly, and shoving them in all of our faces.

What if you’re an awful person that thinks you’re a great person (AKA the worst kind of person)? Jupiter might even be there to let YOU know what YOU should think of YOURSELF. No pressure.

So now Jupiter will be in Virgo from August 11, 2015 until September 9, 2016. This means it was recently in Leo, expanding and drawing attention to our pride & egos, any & all child-like behavior, pleasure & love, baby-booms, as well as other Leo things like the rise and fall of Kings. Were you a good King or a bad King? That depends on how you’re feeling right now.

So what is Jupiter doing in Virgo? As we all know Virgo is analytical, responsible, obsessed with order, and truly believes it’s the only sign that does anything around here. So I bet you’re wondering:


Virgo is exactly what the world needs after a Jupiter in Leo transit. Leo creates shitstorms and messes, with it’s ego loving ways, and Virgo cleans it all up. Yes Virgo is nit-picky and like a mean practically-a-virgin grandma that totally ruins Leo’s fun, but it also creates the order we need. Leo gave you a good idea? Virgo gives you the ability to carry that idea out, and become successful with it. Virgo is the mundane, but sometimes highlighting our mundane, is what gives us the power to take back our lives and truly live again. This should be a great time for all of us, if we just allow ourselves to fix our faults, heal our wounds, and order our self-inflicted chaos.

This is what the next year (8/11/2015-9/9/2016) will mean for all Sun Signs, Ascendant Signs and Moon Signs, so check out all your placements these, if you don’t know what your Moon Sign and Ascendant Sign are CLICK HERE.

While reading these horoscopes, know: Your Sun Sign represents your ego needs that will be fulfilled or devastated this year, the Moon Sign is your emotional needs that Jupiter will highlight, and your Ascendant Sign is your physical needs. Basically, our own holy trinity. 


Aries (Jupiter in the 6th): It’s a healthy time for you, and it might even feel a little boring, but definitely needed. Time for you to stop worrying about the babies that were born, and the fun (but exhausting) life changes that you experienced when Jupiter was in Leo. If you are addicted to sugar, cut back. If you got fat, jump on a treadmill. Are you in low spirits from exhaustion? Take a nap and get back your emotional and mental health. Are you completely unorganized and making promises that you can’t keep? Start keeping promises by organizing your life in a way that ALLOWS you to keep them. You have a naturally fast metabolism, it just needs to be jumpstarted on occasion. You’ll be wanting to find time, and Jupiter will highlight the spare time that you never knew you had, by getting rid of those wasted hours you spend indulging yourself.

Taurus (Jupiter in the 5th): It’s definitely the year for you to have fun, and spend time connected with those younger than you. “What is worthwhile fun?” And “what is just excess?” Are two questions you should be asking yourself all year. You will probably feel anal-retentive about the exciting life you’re living, so I doubt you will be too self-indulgent, while Jupiter is in Virgo. I mean, how can you be reckless when you’re stewing over every calorie, of every donut, every time you pop one into your mouth? To make yourself feel better this year, you might want to binge on healthy snacks, and take fun walks, and chase after animals and/or kids instead of sitting in front of a TV, phone or tablet. Whatever you end up doing, know this is a time for the enjoyment of small things, not a time to be overly focused on the big picture (if you have other placements that say otherwise, find balance).

Gemini (Jupiter in the 4th): This could be when you say goodbye to your childhood home or maybe just move a couple hours away from everything you’ve learned to hold dear–literally or figuratively. The 4th is the place that allows you to emotionally put your feet up, but with Jupiter there, sometimes your home feels too energetic, or too open to the public to allow you to be yourself. So you might feel on edge all year, desperately seeking solace and escape via some long-ass trips. On some days you might just feel super jovial and decide to host a party, and it is a great time to bring others into your home–as long as you don’t mind them checking out your medicine cabinet. If you find it within yourself, it will be a good to start cleaning out your metaphorical house. Learn about your parents and who they really are, and pay close attention to the cobwebs in your life–so that you might clean them without having any more spiders come back to haunt you. Your relationship with your mother might be under some scrutiny this year, but above everything, know that you can’t make a relationship healthy, or heal someone else, without first healing your childhood wounds and then understanding where you fit, in the life that others have made for you.

Cancer (Jupiter in the 3rd): You’ve spent a lot of last year working on your own inner and outer stability: money, food, house, value, confidence, etc. Now, you will spend more time with the people in your community, learning about yourself through new and open communication lines with others. Your opinions once set in stone may change, and you will start feeling more excited about what’s to come in your life. You could take up writing, or attend more family parties/reunions as your siblings actually seem more enjoyable this year. On the flip side your siblings could be super awful–either way, they seem to be taking up a lot of your energy. A lot of your mental activity will be more visible this year, which might make you think that people are reading your thoughts, when in actuality you are just saying everything that’s on your mind, all the time. That’s okay, as long as your thoughts are not too awful.

Leo (Jupiter in the 2nd): Last year you laid down new life foundations, and this year you’ll find out if those new foundations are actually stable. Since the previous year’s Leo Jupiter is all about ego, there might be some hard truths to face as you go about structuring everything that you recently created. You could have built your new foundations on a false idea of who you are, but don’t worry, Jupiter is here to draw attention to the details and force your hand in tweaking things here and there. This is also where you find out if you’re confidence is defined from outside love, or if it’s been built from within you. Security and possessions will be of high priority, so if you’re not careful, you may fall back into old patterns that you successfully broke free of last year, just to feel some kind of stable normalcy.

Virgo (Jupiter in the 1st): You’re coming out of a period of physical and/or mental unhealthiness due to a need to indulge yourself every time you feel too introspective, or sad–which was all the time last year. Now it’s time to get in the best shape of your life, get organized, and feel good about yourself and who you are. There will be more attention on you, highlighting both your good traits and your shitty ones, so it is important to care about yourself, and work on those things about you that are less than spectacular. Over the next year you will have some very noticeable ups and downs, but if you stay focused and keep your spirits high, you will be highly productive and build a solid foundation with things of value and unique to you and who you are. Remember: You are building something new for yourself, so pay attention to any and all details, you don’t want everything to crumble when this transit is over.

Libra (Jupiter in the 12th): Jupiter is in your 12th house of self undoing, so don’t succumb to the negative side of Virgo that sits inside and stews all day about how much work you do, and how no one cares. It’s important to utilize this transit to get well in your head, to learn to speak your truth and say all of things that you really want to say (within reason). Jupiter through the 12th is not easy, as it pulls up all of your dark and brings it to light, but if you use Jupiter’s microscope and Virgo’s anal retentiveness & attention to detail, you will be able to weed out the hardly noticeable shit that’s silently holding you back from reaching your dreams and true potential. Be careful of over-indulging or under-indulging–your weight, appearance, skin and hair vitality, are all physical reminders of your mental state, which needs balance to carry on through the year.

Scorpio (Jupiter in the 11th): Jupiter is in your house of dreams. I’m using the “dreams” description of the 11th house, because it’s my favorite, and because networking/friendships are boring and who cares if you’re going to be more social this year? I don’t. Last year you would have been working though some tough career choices and might have even felt too big for the life and career path that you’ve chosen, so you’ve actively tried to get the hell out. Now is where you follow your real dreams–this is where you can make your purpose a reality. If you’re still in the same boat as last year and you enjoy it, it’s time to finally make good on those promises of promotion and advancement. Virgo is analytical and a master planner, so plan the best course of action and use the gift of networking that Jupiter has given to you, to get where you want to go. If you’re in school, start laying out where you want your learning to take you.

Sagittarius (Jupiter in the 10th): Over the last year, you have learned a lot of shit, and have been praised for your knowledge, so now you must ask yourself, “Am I really living up to my true potential?” Am I fulfilling a purpose or is this just the life I fell into that sucks on all levels? Most likely, if you’re on the right path, you will be offered promotions and gain widespread attention. You might even go viral! If you’re not, you will start feeling the heat. Your flaws will be plastered all over the minds of upper management, which sucks, but hey! They also suck and have dandruff and belly fat. This is your time to shine, so whoever you are and wherever you go, put yourself in a position to show off your best side.

Capricorn (Jupiter in the 9th): You just got out of one of those hard transits. You might have felt jailed over the last year. Taking two steps forward and a million steps back, with no chance of parole. But don’t fear anymore, Virgo is here and has posted your bond–but you must choose to follow some life rules. These rules are built to structure you and not to harm you, so that you can be free. This is where you need to open your mind to new and exciting possibilities–places to visit, people to see, new horizons. Pay attention to the details this year, because you will be given the opportunities to hone your craft, or to learn a new one. All of that fear you’ve had to continually push through, with that Leo pride backing you, will be gone and you might be surprised how easy it is move forward now! But you must do it without your pride and ego, so let it go. LET IT ALL GO.

Aquarius (Jupiter in the 8th): Did you enjoy all the new relationships and fun life-changes last year? Because now shit is about to get real. If things we’re already real, then they are to get real-er. You might feel like all you want to do is enjoy yourself, but it’s actually a time of growing up (again), moving past fear and taking control of who you are. This means you probably won’t see any gains until after the year is over, but what you will see then, is that you’ve found yourself, and become much stronger. If that means breaking up with someone you thought you were to marry, or even finally settling down with someone you weren’t quite sure of–the pieces will fall, so that you can be the best version of yourself. No longer giving to those that don’t deserve it, and scrubbing your relationship and sexual conquest portfolio clean. Beware of STD’s and broken hearts, but don’t stop moving forward because of it, move forward in-spite of it. For you.

Pisces (Jupiter in the 7th): It’s time for you to get your relationships on. But be careful of feeling so jerked into reality, that you lose your idealism. Virgo is your opposite, so it’s pulling you into the realm of other people. This means that other people might be more important than you, or that other people are going to be noticing you. If you are already in a happy relationship, it will get stronger, and more assured. If you’re single, get ready to mingle, because you will have no choice. The 7th House is one of those weird houses that causes a ton of gain when you’re not paying attention–it highlights your flaws and your gifts when your back is turned. It’s a good time to balance what you have with what you want, to love who you are & who you’re with, and to give both to yourself & to others. Pay attention to who walks into your life at this point and analyze the crap out of them, this will serve you when Jupiter travels to your 8th house.

Thank you and come again! 

Love, Alyssa